Mar 24, 2012

Deep Shade

 Solomon's Seal. (Polygonatum)
 Autumn Fern
Wood Poppy, (Stylophorum diphyllum)


On the wane already. This was a very short spring.

Wayne Border

The Banana Shrub smells incredible right now. (Michelia figo) 
 Oxalix and White Stars.

Front Yard

 Banksia, Azalia.

 Tea Olive, smells wonderful. (Osmanthus fragrans)

 Dogwood (Cornus sanguinea), Spirea, Dusty Miller.

 Bradford Pears have a little bloom on them.

 Banksia and Azalia are great color combinations.

 Oxalis, Azalia.

Showy Primrose in the verge. Oenothera.


 Sweet Almond are the white in the foreground.
The Bluebells in their prime. They came and went in a month this year.


 The Five Spot coverage in the Paterre can be easily seen here.

The Wisteria came and went very quickly due, I think, to the extra warm spring.

Mar 15, 2012


The Bluebells under the Holly are tall and spindly.

Pots and Tulips

These two tulip bulbs come back every year. Strange

Shelagh's pots with snapdragon. Antirrhinum 

Clusiana, Lady Jane

Beginning to wane. We had two weeks of blooms about. This is their 2nd year.

Georgia Blue Speedwell

Veronica, Georgia Blue Speedwell. This plant has diminnished steadily for years but still survives. I suspect it might be in too much shade.

Unexpected Anemone Blanda

Wind Flowers. These have come back this year. They have a hard time getting through the magnolia litter, but that may be what's keeping them through the summer. Usually, you wouldn't expect to see them survive our hot summers. And last year was particularly hot and dry.


Shamrock in the Wayne border. Showy Primrose behind not yet out.

Bracken Fern

The Bracken fern are spreading very nicely. They do a great job of covering the daffodil leaves.

Five spots in the Parterre

Five spots in the Parterre. The north side had very good coverage. The south side, very sparse.

Mar 9, 2012

Tulipa Clusiana

These tulips "clusiana" are one of the few that can survive in the south. This is their second year in my yard and are very healthy. I'd recommend these. "Lady Jane" They're sometimes called "wild" tulips in catalogs.