Jan 27, 2010

Winter Honeysuckle

Winter Honeysuckle started blooming several weeks ago. 10-15% of the blooms have opened. We have alot of fragrance to come.

Jan 25, 2010

Bulbs and Pansies

I think these bulbs are the wild "tarda" tulips, in yellow.

The Pansies in pots get "Nitrate of Soda" fertilizer when the temperatures are below 60deg. (as do the sweet peas)

King Alfred daffodils.

Violas and Narcissus.

Jan 24, 2010

Penstemon and Anemone

Japanese Anemone had it's dead leaves sheared off with the weed whacker in December and it's new growth is 4" high.

Penstemon "Husker Red" is 4 years old now. Does'nt change it's off season look much at all from June to May.

Jan 23, 2010

Larkspur is up

Consolida is up every where. I continue to seed every couple of weeks.

Jan 22, 2010

Blue Bed Early Spring

Paperwhites are 2 - 3 weeks from blooming.

The first Anemone. Is the red more hardy than the blue?

The first Candytuft.

Jan 21, 2010

Pruned and Mulched the Spirea, Abelia

Abelia and Spirea pruned for vase shape. Tallest Abelia shortened to match the row.

New mulch uses paper and cardboard under pine needles. Two Crepe Myrtle's removed due to fungus. One remains.

Jan 17, 2010

Last week of January

  • Started African Daisy (Dimorphotheca) indoors in liner.
  • Started Moss Verbena indoors in dome.
  • Moved Delphinium dome from cool dark to light/warm, 75deg. Watered from bottom. Removed lid. Delphinium Culture.

African Daisy Moss Verbena
African Daisy Moss Verbena Dwrf Blu Butfy Delph

  • Sewed more Baby Blues eyes.
  • Sewed more Larkspur.
  • Sewed more Pernial Lupine.
  • Mulched with pine straw and ground pine bark compost.
Rocket Larkspur Baby Blue Eyes Perennial Lupine
Rocket Larkspur Baby Blue Eyes Perennial Lupine

Jan 16, 2010

Jan 15, 2010

Winter Sewing

Rain if forecast this weekend. I sewed these winter seeds. Jan 20. more rain in forecast, seeded again.

Rocket Larkspur Baby Blue Eyes Perennial Lupine Sweet Alyssum
Rocket Larkspur Baby Blue Eyes Perennial Lupine Sweet Alyssum

Larkspur has done very well here in the past as have the Baby Blue Eyes. The perennial Lupine and Sweet Alyssum have been sporadic performers in my garden. I'll look for replacements in the future. A good replacement for the Perinnial Lupine might be the Arroyo Lupin, although it's an annual, it tolerates our heavy soil and humidity better.

I cast the seed by hand into the beds and waste areas even on top of heavy mulch. I plan to cast sand, grit and peat over the areas with heavier mulch to increase those seeds chances.

Jan 7, 2010

Seeded Delphiniums / Geraniums

Started these Delphiniums Dec. 29. Covered seeds with pearlite only (1/8") for even moisture. Delphinium Culture.

Heating mat keeps 70+ temps. There are some algae issues in the pearlite.

Started these Geraniums around Dec. 10th. You can see the algae here. This rare geranium was $6 for 10 seeds, only 5 germinated.

Photo of Splish Splash.